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About Us
Established in 2007, Access Coaching is a professional sports coaching business based in the North East of England. Deriving its name from evidence of an apparent difficulty some populations of various standards and experience have in accessing sports, leisure and fitness, coaching and activities.  Access Coaching aims to address and overcome such difficulties and bridge the gaps between participation, performance and professional sport throughout the North East. Working hard to develop sport and athletes alike, Access Coaching prides itself on its high standard and professional approach to sports coaching.

What we do
Sports Coaching:
Aimed at improving participation levels, sport enjoyment and player development Access Coaching outlines and delivers quality, professional sports coaching to adults and children of all ages, races, sexes and abilities. Realising and understanding how easy it can be forgotten that sports are primarily games to be enjoyed by all, Access Coaching as a result focuses on primarily providing coaching that is fun, enjoyable and disciplined in an atmosphere that is relaxed, supportive and open to self expression.
Delivered by qualified staff of a recognised Governing Body Standard, it is hoped that by providing such a setting to play their sport, players will be able to facilitate their development and progression, as they so desire. To achieve such goals, a high level of professional standards are outlined and adhered to at all times by the company, ensuring a high quality and standard of coaching is delivered. It is felt that such values are of importance because they allow the company to mirror and work towards the industry and national standards that exist, whilst also ensuring the company progresses and evolves at a rate that is in co-ordination with the industry.
Whatever the sport and standard of participation, Access coaching is determined to help athletes achieve all they want to from sport and sports coaching and by doing so hopes to be at the forefront of North East Sport for many years to come.
Access Coaching is an approved provide on the North Tyneside Schools external providers database.  We deliver a range of sports in a variety of settings, including before, lunch time and after school clubs, PPA, CPD and Festivals program.

Sports we offer:

Access Coaching can currently deliver sixteen sports including Football, Handball, Dodge ball, Cricket, Basketball, Mini-fencing, Netball, Hockey, Quick Sticks, Rock-it-ball, Tag-Rugby, Tri-golf, Multi Skills, Volleyball, Ultimate Frisbee, Tchoukball and Futsal.
All staff have enhanced Access Coaching DBS certificates, as well as completing safe guarding and first aid training.  All lead coaches are qualified to a minimum NGB level 2 in their different sports.    
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